Escapism and Enlightenment

Began reading from about the age of four, I would forever be sittting in a corner curled up with a pile of books on the floor.  Still curl up in the corner with a good book but the piles of books are now stored in several bookshelves.  I hate parting with books - I still have all my childhood favourites.

The journey's in my mind have been facilitated by the books I read.  Life, love, death, and tragedy as well as all that fun stuff in between.  Love fiction and non fiction as I feel that both can teach you alot about life.  Absolutely loved literature studies, learning how to deconstruct texts was enlightening.  But I also love to read for pleasure ... though don't do enough of it due to study commitments.

sjbear sjbear
31-35, F
Aug 5, 2007