A Man Alone

I really enjoy serious works of literature.  Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Steinbeck, Dostoyevsky, etc  Well, the list goes on.  It fills in the hours. 

Three years ago, I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease (PDZ, for short).  I was an AVP for a prominent mid-western bank.  That job lasted over 30 years, but downsizing happens.  Now, I am a house-husband on Disability.

I've been married to the same woman for almost 37 years.  It's been a good marriage.  Sex, however, has been a problem from the start.  She never did have a very strong sex drive.  As most women in her age group, she has been through menopause, and used that as reason to completely stop having sexual relations with me.  Considering my age, health issues, etc. I'm not "up" for sex everyday.  I do, however, get the old urge every now and again.

--sigh--   This probably sounds as if it is the plot of a second rate movie.  I still love her.  What do I do?  Suffer in silence?

rclayjr rclayjr
4 Responses Feb 10, 2009

Life is not black and white only but has grey areas. Are you sure she is faithful to you or is there someone else she is seeing. If you are trying to ask if it is just fine to find someone to meet your needs then maybe you need to think some more. What if the person you find is attracted to you but you can not give her more than one night here and there. Search your soul real hard before you loose everything you treasure and love now. It may be sexless but is it loveless if not don't go there.

i enjoyed -thanks!

Hey rclayjr - perhaps the reason why you havent recieved comments is that your story doesnt seem to be much about reading.... perhaps try a group about marriage?<br />
I sympathise with your situation. Reading can be a great comfort when other areas of life are not to your satisfaction.

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