I stayed up till 2am finishing Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr, its amazing, im starting Ink Exchange now, there beautiful books ahhh i wish i could actually live in some of the worlds that books potray it would be wonderful! ^_^

i dont know what i would do if i couldnt read, its my favorite past time :D

pinknailpolish89 pinknailpolish89
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I recenty finished reading For My Good, But For His Glory<br />
it is written by female gospel singer Tarrian Lashun Pace<br />
Rhodes! It is her true life story. It's about how she overcame a husband of 10 years who was gay. The death of her daughter. And the man who she was to marry, three days after the burial of her daughter, up and married someone else! Its a story of trials, and triumph! Very uplifting! Because through it all her faith<br />
in God never failed her! I truly was blessed and totally<br />
inspired by her story of strenght and determination!<br />