Even More Than That: I Love to Read

I grew up in a family that absolutely loves books. Right now, sitting in the living room, I can see 8 bookshelves, and all of them are full and have books stacked up to the celing on top of them.

Up in my room, I have two bookshelves, and books stacked to the celing on top of them, and then stacks up to the celing in front of them. Some of them I almost never read anymore, but I just love them so much I could never get rid of them. Like my Animorphs, Babysitters club, and Babysitter's Little Sister books. Some of them are from a long time ago, but I still can't stop reading them, like The Little Princess, and my Ender's Game series. And some of them are either more recent additions, or collections I haven't finished yet, like The Left Behind series (kids and regular), Torey Hayden, Robin Cook, John Grisham, and Stephen King. And then, of course, there are the random books, that don't really fit into a category, like Thirteen Reasons Why. And trust me, that's nowhere near all of them.

And that's not even getting into the ones my family has. We have an entire book shelf for cookbooks, one for religious books, one for reference books, one for books in other languages, and the rest are all just thrown together everything. Except for my dad's 2 bookshelves of computer books, and my mom's 4 of craft books.

Like I said, it runs in the family.

garbanzobean garbanzobean
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2 Responses Feb 13, 2009

It's a nice thing to do. It's quiet, and as long as the weather is nice you don't even need to use any energy.

ive always enjoyed reading!