We Have All Been Here Before

I read absolutely anything entertaining but, my favorites are books that mean something - have knowledge and wisdom tucked between the pages. Reincarnation books are my hands down favorites. I prefer ones written by Doctors at the top of their game as, I am not a gullable one, and though I know in my soul that  reincarnation is truth, I only like to read these types of books if I am convinced without a doubt that the stories are true and not just trying to "tap in to the market." 

My soul is ancient but, my spirit is young.  I have lived before and have memories of another time within me. I am not some weird hippy new age mantra type but, I have my beliefs and "sometimes" express them but, mostly hold them close to me as they are most sacred there. This is something that people would never know about me unless I told them.

CAnna CAnna
31-35, F
Feb 13, 2009