Books Have Always Been a Part of My Life.

I am only 32....but the fact that I read books seems to age me beyond my peers.  I always have, at least, one book going.  I grew up with a mom who worked at the's where I went after school.  I have stayed up all night to read a book, I have called out of work to read a book, I have turned down dates with men who don't read....reading is so very important!!

It is through the written word that we can share common experiences with common-day folk as well as people who lived generations ago.  There is NOTHING like picking up a novel written over a hundred years ago and being able to relate to the characters.

I married a man that didn't read....or when he did read it would take him AGES to finish the book.  That marriage is falling apart now....and now I know that I never should have married someone that didn't enjoy reading.  Mistake #1....of MANY!!

IThoughtHeWasMyLobster IThoughtHeWasMyLobster
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1 Response Aug 8, 2007

It is funny I found you, my "husband" almost ex loves to read, or maybe he just did it to avoid any contact with me, anyways, I like to read but it is very difficult to find a book that catches my attention 100% but when I find it it is amazing!!!! and you and me made the same mistake...I should never married someone who is from such a different background:( I love him though