Reading Helps Me Get Away From the Negative of This World

My most recent book that I can read over and over again, is "For one more Day".

I was wonderful because it really made you think what if you could wake up and meet all the people that you have loved but have passed before you.  What would you say to them if you had one more day.  My first Love back when I was fifteen went on to heaven last March and there are so many things I would like to have said.  We were married shortly but I had to leave because I was so young and he was back from Vietnam and I didn't know how to handle what he was going through and the drugs he took to try and forget.  We always loved each other though and were in touch.  He never remarried and I just hope that he knew he was my one true love. 

Anyway, its "Prince Caspian" for me this week and I can drift back to fantasy land.  I love the worlds I can visit in books.


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1 Response Feb 14, 2009

Mitch Albom has three other books yoou would love !