How Many Books?

To say that I like to read is somewhat of an understatement.  In the last couple of years my reading time has been much more limited that I like, so I'm not finishing as many books as I used to.  I keep a list of what I've finished, just the date, title, author, and whether it's a reread or a library book.  I don't note anything about what I thought about it; if it didn't stick in my memory later, I won't be rereading it or recommending it to anyone!  I read a pretty mixed bag of history, classics, and some fantasy and science fiction for dessert.  My guilty pleaure is popular sociology.  I usually have two books going at a time; one serious and one light.  Today I've got bookmarks in The Hobbit (light, rereading), and The Fall of Troy by Quintus of Smyrna (classics, serious).  I'll probably run through four novels before I finish Quintus, at the rate things are going...


A little story: When my children were in elementary school they came home with a project for national reading week to count the books in the house.  We realized the school had no clue what they were asking us to do, but, after a long discussion about the margins of what we would count as a book, we tallied just under 4000. Some bright person responsible for this at school decided that the results of this project would displayed as the sum of books owned by class (i.e. kids in Miss Jones' 4th grade class represent houses owning a total of X books...) in bar charts on the gym wall.  Our data got thrown the scale they chose to use, the bar representing our library would have gone all the way up the wall, across the ceiling and down the far wall.  Not too many readers in that school. :)





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I only just found your story and I loved it!! I'm a mad keen reader too so I reall get the bit about so many books in the house. My husband keeps all his books but I've ended up recycling mine cos the house simly wouldn't hold them all!<br />
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Loved the story about the kids charts! In some of the work I've done I've been a home visiting teacher. Nothing made me sadder than to see bookshelves dedicated to Videos or DVDs and not a book in sight! :(

We can certainly give our little local public a run for the money on numbers of books, but it's a small town with a one-room library.