The Way of Escape

I was living on the streets and raising myself by the age of 13.  I spent my days curled up in any corner of any library throughout the city.  A safe haven, warm and dry.  I got into the habit of reading to pass the time.  But, I soon became addicted. It became my way of escaping the reality of my life.  I started out reading childrens books. By age 20 I'd fallen in love with the writings of Anais Nin.  She is still one of my favorites. 

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I sincerely thank you, DC, GA, NIX for your encouragement and praise. Thank you.<br />
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I wasn't homeless growing up, Tayer, but I escaped an unhappy home life doing the same thing - hiding out in my public library and reading until I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. Books can take you anywhere you want to go, which can be so empowering for a child who feels she has few options. <br />
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Anais Nin, eh? Some spicy stuff there. ;)

Don't be sorry for me. Be impressed. I survived ? Better than survived - I distinguished myself, I excelled. <br />
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~Tayer :)

im so sorry for you you had it rough-hugs