Cares to Much

well my story is i have been going through this thing that i cant i understand i feel like im alone and need help but cant find it. so i go on and it the end i feel like just stoping everything i feel. at the same time im a sinngle mother with three kids so i cant just end it all. for example my son is two and his father is sick he has the thing call different personalitys and he be okay for three day or more so i think maybe now his fine so i would give him a break to come over becouse i know hopw it feel not to have a person to talk too. but it the end he takes all the life out of my body and by the time he leaves i have to pick my self up and that the hard thing to do when now i feel so down and lost.i know this story dont make to much sense but i dont know where to start about my self.

tholakele2007 tholakele2007
31-35, F
1 Response Feb 19, 2009

it makes sense. everyone gets down sometimes.