Fantasy Land

I started reading when I was 6, and before that, my parents always read to me. I remember that the first thing I ever read was a poem that had something to do with a butterfly. From then on...

I'm one of those fast-reading kind of readers... I read the books in hours, or days (depending) wanting to know what's gonna happen in that great story I'm living in. Then I quickly forget what happened in them, so I often reread and re- enjoy books :)

Books are sooo important in my life, they are a huge part of everything. I live lives different than my own in them, I am everything I want to be with them. I escape life or reality through them, but I also learn about life, about myself and about people from them.

I don't think that i could live my life without them.


seawatcher seawatcher
Feb 20, 2009