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I love to read so very much! I read daily, in the morning after I wake and then in the evening.My favorite book is the Holy Man by Susan Trott. I love the lord of the ring trilogy and the harry potter series too. I can't wait until my son is a little older to read the hobbit and harry potter books to him. Their is nothing more relaxing than a scalding hot bath with a beer and a book!! Reading takes you on so many levels. Their is so much to learn about and dream/fantasize about!! J
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3 Responses Aug 11, 2007

You both are so totally on the mark. It is wonderful isn't it? As a matter of fact we don't have cable, just one channel with the rabbit ears,and I don't mind because I too would rather read then fill my brain with the crap on tv. Peace, J

Reading let's you see the movie in your head. You get to be director, producer and star if you want. I could never complete cleaning the bookcase when I was a kid. I'd always get stuck there reading and forgetting the dusting. I'd rather read than watch TV any day.

Exactly! I wish there was more time for me to read. Because when you are able to immerse yourself into a world based off of sheer imagination, you are able to be anyone and anything you want to be- the possibilities are limitless!!