I Sometimes Read Too Much...

I know that sounds weird but it's true. Even when i was little i loved to read...it helped me to escape the pressures of life so i read alot...i got so good at it that in 5th grade i was reading at an 8th grade level and could finish a book in a day or 2 :-) Even now when i get my hands on a good book it has to be at least 200 pages or i finish it in about 24hours...I love reading but lately i find that i have to stay away from books cause once i start to read one my nose is stuck in it so much that i start to forget that i have other stuff to do or i rush through school work so i can pick the book back up :-) I'm sad to say that i haven't read a new book in 2 month *sigh* but at least my schoolwork is getting done...I just keep telling myself i have a whole semester off where i can read till my head explodes!! Lol :-)

Adaire89 Adaire89
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1 Response Feb 27, 2009

But did you ever hide an real book -- Tolkien, Saunders, White -- inside one of those required "age-appropriate" books you were supposed to be reading in class?<br />
<br />
Had to defend my daughter when an irate English teacher caught her doing that. <br />
<br />
The books will wait patiently for you ... but of course, there's more being published every day, we're falling behind!