I Don't Like to Read I Love to Read

I can't imagen not having a book to read. I will sometimes keep a book in my car so that I can read when I am stuck in traffic! I have always loved to read and have passed that love on to my children. I am hopeful that my grandchildren will love to read as much as I do. When my children were young I would take them to the library and we would take out lots of books. I explained to them that when you read a book you can go to places you may never get to go to, see things that you may never get to see and do things you may not have had a chance to. I also told them that even if they just read the captions under the pictures they have learned something. I read every day and am truely lost if I can't

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5 Responses Feb 28, 2009

I have just done that. I read two books in two days!

Ahhh love to visit my favorite books store and come out with a treasure full of great books to read, can spend a whole weekend just reading :)

I think sometimes it is almost an addiction! When I was little and went to see my grandparents, my grandfather and I would walk down to the news agency. I would always come back with one of those Golden Books in hand. My mom said that even though I was small I would "read" the book front to back and not rip any of the pages. Hummmm must have been the beginning of my addiction!

Books ..... books ...... and more books ......<br />
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Happy is thee ..... with nose tween the pages .....<br />
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My daughter says I am a bibliophile.......I collect books like crazy. If my house were ever on fire, I would die trying to save them all....lol