What Happened

My husband and I have been married for 14 years.  We met in high school but didn't get married for another 7 years.  Within the last six months everything has fallen apart.  We've had rough patches usually when money was stretched tight.  We also have three kids and that started taking up my time.  I neglected him.  But 8 months ago his mother died and i was there for him.  Then in October I found out he was meeting a woman at a bar he goes to. (He likes to go out I don't) I confronted him and we talked he said he would end it.  Then he took a job away from home (insurance adjusting hurricane).  I stepped up my game because I realized i did not want to lose him. We went through the holidays he came home before Thanksgiving. But he started going out more and more spending alot of money.  By January he was staying out all night.  I knew there had to be another woman but I ignored it. On Friday February 13 we went to a family dance and then he went out. He called later to tell me he didn't want to be married anymore. I was floored. He moved out to a motel, on Valentines Day. By Tuesday he was back saying he wanted to make it work but he was still going to take the week to work through some things. He says he is very depressed and doesn't like himself. He says he is a bad person. He came back on Saturday we had three good days. Then on Wednesday he went out and stayed out all night. Friday we talked and he said he had been seeing this woman for the past 6 months. He had never stopped seeing her. He doesn't know if he loves her. Says he doesn't think it will work with her. My problem is I still love him.  I always said if he cheated I would leave but I don't want to. He moved out again but this time we don't have money so I guess he is with her. I am so lost and confused. Can any one help.


tcsprad tcsprad
Mar 1, 2009