I literally read 8 books in one month...........
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i read 1 book in 2 days..

yeh now i use glasses i might have over done it with the reading

wow that is great ... go on like this reading is wonderful . Maybe one day ull be able to create ur own world :)

I've read like five or more in a week...XD

That's wonderful! I've always enjoyed reading but I don't always make the time to read.

I love reading books too, my fav series is game of thrones


8 isn't really THAT much in my opinion.

Still good that you read though. Reading is great! :D Though it depends on what you're reading.

I'm not sure age has much to do with it. You either like reading or you don't. Though how much can differ.

The way I see it, your 13 yr old just doesn't like to read.

When I was 13 years old, I always had a book in hand.

Yes, but that is you and your friends. She likes reading very much, your friends did a little while you didn't really.

It's like saying I do nothing but party and drink because others my age do so.

What a thug

I didn't choose the thug life........ The thug life chose me Lol ;)

Oh god help us

He already did


Don't hate bro.

Oh now I'm Ms. ThugNasty? Hahaha :)

I just haven't put a ring down😏😂😂

Well then okay :)

Why would you put the ring down? Wouldn't it be put a ring on it?

K I messed up ._.

Everyone messes up :) we're only human ;)

You're Barney Jr thi


Haha, not anymore, all the purple is gone now :)

Ok good.

Well except on my back

Idk how to respond to that lol

Me either, but I'm almost there :)

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Ok... You make my one book a day look a little too extreme I better slow down LOL 😳😄 loud and proud book nerd here!

I got you beat by 2 books. :3


Haha, I know

Ahahah OMG me too! 😂

Oh good I'm not the only one :)

You're not! :(


You are sooo lucky! I would love to have enough time to do that!