The Shack

A friend of mine recencly bought me a copy of "The Shack" I just started it and so far it's pretty good. She said the book is amazing...

Any one out there that's read it?


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We just finished this book in EP <br />

Thank you for your comments :) I'm a few more chapters into the book and I want to devour it in one sitting....I'm trying to go slow though and really allow it into my heart. I decided to keep a note book near so I can write down anything profound that comes to mind

It's an amazing book! I read in August and I couldn't put it down! I lost my husband in January and even though the book is fictional, it has helped so much in dealing w/ the loss of my husband... You should let anyone and everyone borrow it after you're done!

My husband read The Shack. He said it was very good.

It's about a man named mack and the story behind the shack. I've gotten into the first 5 chapters and so far the story is good, very sad. <br />
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My friend told me it will change the way I see God. She said it took her 6 months to get through it becuase she found so much depth.

No...what's it about? Am ready for a good book. I wa devouring books by the dozens for a while....haven't read one in about 2 weeks...could use a good one to get lost in for a while....SS