I could read forever if I had the time!!! I love books! Any kind too! I read everything from how to's to fantasy to erotica to self help. I just can't get enough of words

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5 Responses Mar 2, 2009

It seems to get harder for me to read lately :( So busy with work and the kids but shamelessly i'm reading the inkheart series right now. Its nothing short of amazing!

Me too - I loved it when I had to sit with my new baby to get her to sleep - I would read a new novel every few weeks! Best time ever!

No not geek!!! Just more intellectual than most :D Besides knowledge is power and you learn to gain wisdom. I am a huge facts person too....even if their ridiculous!

Reading is learning, about so many things, so many walks of life, it allows one mind to discover new things, as well as look outside the box on so many subjects.

Me too! Since I can remember - I would read. EVERYTHING!!! <br />
Even the dictionary and encyclopedias .... GEEK!!