When You Escape Into Books


I am a voracious reader - I read anything that comes before me - an old newspaper,traffic signs,ads - everything and anything where there is written word.

Ofcourse I read lots of novels also - but I wonder nowadays - I do not have anything in my life other than books - After work I go home and they open a book and lose myself there - every other activity is when I take a break from that days book.

It keeps me away from what causes pain and it keeps me strangely in pain

I remember long back why I started and loved reading books - they opened a whole new make believe world - and now I feel that I am a prisoner in this make believe world

books are a persons best friends - they do not leave you,they do not betray you,they do not get angry,they do not expect anything from you but still they can be an obsession and an escape

musee musee
Mar 12, 2009