Reading Is Cool!

I have always loved to read, and when I think about it I went through phase were I was reading constantly, and that is something I haven't been able to do much of lately because of school work and not having enough time.  It is so true there are not enough hours in the day! Anyway, I seem to have read so many different books that in my head they are all jumbled up now, I mean when I think back to a book I have read I start getting it confused with other books! There is nothing I love better than going to bed with a cup of coffee and a book! I usually like reading crime type books, I love Mary Higgins Clark, and then read Dan Brown's books and was absolutely stunned by them! After reading "A Place Called Here" by Cecila Ahern, I fell in love with her books, they were so different from the books I normally read and really I became really absorbed in them! At the minute I am reading "Where Rainbows End" by Cecelia Ahern and it had me crying within the first few chapters, I also love her books because she makes reference to places in Ireland, and has made reference to northern towns, which is nice because it makes it feel familiar and as if you can really relate, if you are from there.

Haven't read in a couple of nights but seeing this has inspired me to have a wee read this evening!

DeuxBabesDeGrande DeuxBabesDeGrande
18-21, F
Mar 15, 2009