Many Books

 I have attention problems so I read many books at the same time.  I read some of one then move on to another.  I usally have between 2-6 books at a time.  I love Michales Critions books and will miss his writting extreamly so.

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4 Responses Mar 18, 2009

I also read several books at once. I carry them around with me in a stack. Right now I have four books on the go. I read some of one and then read some of another.

Thank you most people I know think it is strange of me to have so many books going at once.

I also do that, and don't think of it as an attention problem either. Most of the time I've had three or four going, but lately it's been usually two, a 'heavy' and a 'light'.

I also do the same thing. I currently have three books on the go. I think it's just a great way to see how emotions can work with different pieces of literatue *X*