I Like to Read to Expand My Views

The first book I read at high school without the feeling that it was an assignment was "100 years of solitude" of García Márquez.  This book was special to me because its words resonated so much in my mind that even when I was sleeping I had the feeling that I was reading.  It was not because I was thinking about the story but I felt that the rythm of the words were still in my mind. It reached the point in which I began to think and construncting thoughts and sentences using a similiar style than that of the author.  Magical realism is a genre that took my imagination beyond a limit that I previously had. After that book, many others came but Garcia Marquez is still being my favorite author. 

I like to read because books have expanded my experiences, I've learnt that even though we, as human beings, have different cultural backgrounds, we share the common experience of the human condition, expressed in different ways but human at last.

Books have also thought me that I am not alone, that I can open a page and then I can travel through space and time, meet interesting people, get in love with a perfect woman, pretend that I am the hero of an age, cry for the lost love of my youth that will never come back and feel that I am fortunate enough of having the change to go through that.

Many nights of my life would have been desolate if I wouldn't have had a book at my side, and those nights that otherwise would have been dark and sad, were quiet and peaceful at the side of other people that struggled as well as I did.  I found consolation in the words of hope and I found that I was not alone because so many people before me wrote something important for them and here I am, willing to read their words.



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Me, too, rojito10! ;)

im writing a book on my blog, i would love yur input.