I Love Horror Anthologies

I have always loved the horror anthologies, they are really my favorites but I do find that I am no longer able to find any good ones in the bookstores lately.  I go online, my favorite place to go is Half.com.  I haven't bought any lately, but i have been wondering if I should buy them for my phone now, since I can read ebooks on the phone now and then I can always have a book.  I have the complete Edgar Poe collection on my phone, I bought it a while ago and I have yet to read anything.  I just love his poetry.  My favorites would be Ullaume and The Raven, those I know by heart oh, and Annabel Lee, I've known those since I was a kid.

One of the best anthologies that I own is Fear Itself, it has the best stories, every couple of years, I can pick it up and enjoy it all over again.  But, it seems the newer ones are just a mess.  I need something new and good to keep me busy for a day.  I read novels as well.  I just finished listening to Duma Key by Stephen King on my phone, I bought it as an audiobook and it was entertaining, it was 22 hours, I think, but this was not one of his best and Im glad I didn't read it.

Astarte38 Astarte38
Mar 20, 2009