My Goal Is to Go Back to Reading

Personally I love reading it was and still is my way out of my current realty, however recently I've kind of stopped or went out of my reading habit my goal is to start reading again and vary my choices of books ... :)

GoingCrazy83 GoingCrazy83
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2 Responses Mar 22, 2009

Thanks :) <br />
humm that's a great idea i'll have to check the college library for those books .. and i can always check the books my sis brings home ...

That sounds like a good goal. :) So what's your next step? Stopping in at the public library and seeing what they have on the new acquisitions shelf? I particularly love the library when it comes to trying things outside my usual subjects. There's no guilt over the money which could have been spent on something else, and I feel less bad about returning an unfinished (i.e. Unliked) book than I do when I've bought it.