Reading- Escape...knowledge

What can be better than reading?? I read everything! I read for the escape into a good novel. I read for the knowledge of non-fiction. My tastes jump around so wildly that there's no way that I could state a 'genre' or even a favorite author. At home we have more bookshelves than any other type of furniture! Sometimes when I look up from a book and the TV is on, I'm shocked when the screen isn't reflecting the words that were just buzzing off my pages. I really wish I could just read all the time. I am your ultimate book worm. I think the only book (type) that I've never gotten into is westerns, and who knows- maybe someday I'll get into those too. I've read about the formation of the 'old west' in the non-fiction form so maybe, just maybe. Enough rambling, I think I'm all over the place! I like (love) to read!

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1 Response Mar 24, 2009

I like reading too. I have been reading since I was 8. I like books , but I think they made me romantical and sensitive person, which is not useful in our practical world. Unfortunately, now I haven't got enough time to read hours(husband , children). Everyday I read half an hour.The book I read now is ''Secret life of Slummy Mummy'' by Fiona Neill.