Live to Read

I love to read. I was a late starter, though, I guess I just wasn't interested as a child (though to be fair my first reading lessons were learning to read gaelic), but I have had my head in a book ever since I did start.

I devoured Jacqueline Wilson books and, yes I admit, I still occasionally read Harry Potter books. :-D

I love all the Anne books, by L.M Montgomery; Anne is my heroine. And I also love The Forgotten Soldier by Guy Sajer. I only read it a few months ago, and it was something completely new for me. But it touched me deeply and I love it. The Book Thief, Mudbound, Ghost Soldiers,  To Kill a Mockingbird and Emily of New Moon. I recommend all of these books. 

At the moment I am reading Chickenhawk by Robert Mason. Great book, am enjoying a lot.


Bowmanel9994 Bowmanel9994
Mar 26, 2009