I Love Reading

I like to read haha, shockingly enough. I've always loved reading ever since me and my sister (who is Ryuu here on EP) were little and we had to read our parents little laminated words from the "word tin" followed by the latest chapter of whatever "Biff and Chip" book we were reading at the time.

I remember reading the Hobbit with my mum when I was eight or nine, my auntie got me this beautiful illustrated copy for Christmas and me and my mum read eachother a little bit ever night, it took us like two years but it was worth it!

I don't understand people who think that watching a film is better than reading the book of it, I get completely absorbed when I'm reading, you get hours of pleasure, and in my head I can see the characters perfectly and I can here their voices and its almost like I'm there with them! You can't do that with a film, and the way they cast the parts almost never lives up to my imagination.

I think that's what drew me to drama, I get to act the charaters that I imagine, exactly how I imagine them! My friends don't get it, when we were 11 or 12 they were out on their bikes and I was reading "Pride and Prejudice" (a book that I have read so much it recently disintigrated) and "Little Women".

Books are magical and nothing beats the feeling of losing yourself in someone elses' story!

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Totally agree on that point!!

Well yeah, we'd be sat here complaining more if they were bad actresses haha, I thought Christian Bale was a BRILLIANT Laurie though, and so cute!

LOL, I guess I wanted Jo to want Laurie then!<br />
Yes, I see what you mean, and I do think Claire Danes is very pretty, I just found her, maybe too old looking? She just wasnt how I imagined her I guess. I did think she played the part well.<br />
Actually come to think of it, Meg seemed a bit older and not as pretty as I imagined her too. Though again, was well acted.<br />
I guess you can't have everything and I would rather well acted than just filled with pretty faces!

But Jo didn't WANT Laurie and the Proffesor is lovely! Although Amy is annoying especially as an adult "I do not wish to be loved for my family" SHUT UP AND MARRY HIM ALREADY, IT'S LAURIE! I meant the Winnona Ryder version, I've never seen the old one, It was Claire Danes as Beth, and I agree she maybe wasn't quite pretty enough, but Amy was supposed to be the beauty of the family, not Beth, she was just supposed to be so gentle that people imagined her beautiful, but with lovely eyes : D. I think that Claire Danes acted Beth brilliantly though, it makes me cry every time she dies!

Fair enough :) Is it the one with Winnona Ryder as Jo - or the really old one in black and white? Im not sure I liked the movie adaptions as much - I dont think the actress for Beth was pretty enough. Is that bad?<br />
<br />
I still get fired up that Jo and Laurie dont end up together - I think Id be so pissed off if Amy was my sister.... Ahahhaa.

Yeah! It's amazing haha I still love Little Women, and when I'm ill I always watch it (I have an old video) I know I said that I prefer books and I do! But its still a good film and I can't concentrate on reading if I'm ill :-D

:) Little Women was one of my childhood favourites too. <br />
I can see what you mean about drama - being able to make the book come alive, and to be how you want it to be :)

Thankyou! You seem like a very sensible person :)