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I started reading when i was young  the odd Cathrine Cookson or Danielle Steel book when i was bored. Then at school i was asked to read "To kill a mocking bird' and i realised that books could not only tell a story but they could also teach you .  At 14 i picked up a book that took me to a whole new world, of excitement and fear ect , the auther was Jackie Collins , she opened my mind totally. I then went on to discover Jilly Cooper now that is one woman who knows how to make reading fun!! I soon discovered more books , my passion at the moment are James patterson (i have read every one of his books so far) i can lose my self in books i can be someone else for awhile .    

Sevaral years back a friend who knew of my passion for reading handed me a book, she told me it was a true story, and it wasnt an easy read. I read this book in three days and every page tore at my heart, i had never experienced so many emotions running through me at the same time- fear, hate ,disbelief, anger , heartache and at one point i was even phyically sick. The book i was reading was - A child called it - .   It open up yet another door for me, i have since read more true stories and i still get hit with those emotions.   

Reading to me is an escape from my world in to the world of the author , some times i enjoy my experience, ie Jackie collins , james patterson. and some times , i find my experience has been hard, and emotionally draining ie A child called it.   But i know i will never lose my love of reading any of these books, and i will hopefully pass my passion on two my two children xx

jordanna jordanna
31-35, F
Jun 13, 2009