Reading Is Living

I've always loved reading, much of my life has been spent in books.  I could say that half-seriously, considering when I get into a book, I fall into it, as if it were all real and personal to me.  I admit, reading has lead to some rather, I'd say pathetic things.  I get emotional over just reading a book.  I probably sound like some stereotype bookworm , but I don't think I'm into books that much, I just take stories way to seriously.  I feel like, I've had these experiences with the characters, that I was right there with them, and I feel all the emotion.  I feel their joys, and their pains.  I feel pathetic, but I would like someones opinion on this.  I go so far into books, there are times, I honestly wonder why a character that is fictional isn't there, as if I expect to see them or something.  I recently stayed up all night crying just because a book was, in my opinion, extremely sad.  Is this or can it become a problem?  I'm afraid, that I'm actually too immersed in fiction, that I may not be able to grasp reality properly, and there for may have questionable sanity. 

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3 Responses Sep 3, 2009

Thanks it makes me feel better, when it comes right down to it, most of my friends aren't readers, and the few that read at all are not very, into it. Knowing that I'm not alone in my total immersion into books helps me feel like I'm not the insane kid everyone makes me out to be.

The same exact thing happens to me everytime.! Some stories are so captivating. Sometimes, if the book is in first person, it takes me a bit to realize I'm not that character and what I just read didn't happen.(:

I love to read too. I just finished-----Blade of grass and The Final Victim and now am on a Patricia Cornwall novel.