I Love Books

so admittable when i was younger i hated books and i hated reading until one day my dad gave me a book and told me to read or i would be sorry.  i obviously felt that this was the worst punishment in the world so i took my time on purpose but i loved it though it did take forever to read it i enjoyed it alot.

from that day on i never stopped books for me are like an escape from the real world for a couple of hours i could escape and be no one for a while with no worries this helped alot growing up because it kept me busy when my dad was deployed.

i dont have specific types of books that are my favourite i like all of them - i just love reading.  its a little hard reading as much as i would like because i'm a medical intern and pretty much the life i knew and loved is over but it should start straightening soon - i hope

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2 Responses Sep 4, 2009

I read a book and recommended it here. How about a suspense thriller that makes you think about what you read. There is even a nurse as one of the characters.<br />
Trial of Friends is available on-line. www.publishamerica.com. <br />
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Wondering about my picture here, I have diabetes and had an accident because the bathroom at the park I was at was locked. I was about to take a picture of a deer when the accident happened. I accidently took the picture in desperation to put the camera down and find a place in the woods to relieve myself, instead of this happening. Is intended to say to others who had an accident, "Your not the only one." But did get comment from some who do this on purpose. WHY?<br />
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I love books too... Just feels incomplete without 'em.. ;)