The Worst Living Horrors Are Coming Closer Each Day.


When one looks at society and the world today, where is the love and the peace? The sad truth is that when one actually begins to dig into the graphic realities and horrors of the atrocities and living nightmares that in truth consume the majority of this world; actual tears would begin to flow as rivers with the need to vomit for anyone with a genuine heart such as Jeremiah had. I see the truth coming like a raging storm out of control that is about to blindside a lost world from the deception of man kind in both religion and political. All one needs to do is place their thoughts on women being raped and beaten, a little girl being raped and then buried alive, people being tortured with agonies beyond words, the fish in the rivers, lakes and seas dying due to the toxic wastes of man with radioactive lobsters, bad air, bad soil, greed, hate, murder, sick people in high places worldwide for leaders, same sex marriages, innocent children that have no love or direction that are about to face the worst nightmare that could ever be all the way to their deaths, and nothing that they are going to die because of was even their faults. There are 27,000 nuclear warheads worldwide and in very unstable hands. There is over a million foreign troops in the USA right now with their orders to kill or capture anyone who does not like the new world order. FEMA is corrupt and so is every part of government in the USA and worldwide, and very soon there will be a major disaster in America where marshal law will be put into effect and the borders of our country closed. There are a million plastic coffins ready, crematories ready, prison camps all across America ready, terrorists’ camps all through America ready and our dollar value is crushed and falling, we are the greatest debtor nation in all history, food shortages are already here. In short a pure living hell is growing closer each day and with that the rapture taught by man is nothing but a man made fairy tale instilled into the churches of today by Satan himself as the god of this world. Read Psalms 91 and ask yourself where you want to be. Then become as Job and Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego because only strong faith and obedience to our creator will get you into God favor and protection. In other words forget man and his deception because he is only the blind leading the blind. So say God and not my words.

timesoftrouble timesoftrouble
61-65, M
Jan 18, 2010