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 I speak very strongly and continually on religious deception and blindness because you my dear sister are again a perfect example of complete and total blindness because I have given you and thousands of others the words of God that prove His every word without any doubt or exceptions. I can make clear to you and all how we are nothing without fully abiding in Christ, in other words fruitless. John 15:6 And how Christ became the author of eternal salvation unto all them that obey Him, and how as the author who wrote we are to live by every word of God, and how without the love of Christ and keeping all of the commandments there will be no entrance to the tree of life, and how when we live by God and not man, we become “not of this world” because we choose God’s ways over the deceived ways of man.


Another of your extremely perfect examples of Christ is claiming to be born again when you are not, nor the hundreds of millions that think like you think with Satan as the injector of false thoughts. Just as in all subjects concerning our Lord and all of His written truths only for the education of the mortal humans, there is just way to much to write; however it’s not difficult at all to bring ones mind into the truth with just a minimum of proof while allowing God’s true Spirit to water and make grow so as to always learn more.


You Said:

This is the great deception in the church...false conversion, how many go to church because its the american thing to do, yet never accept that they are lost in sin, and in need of a savior. There is no life or truth apart from Jesus,




Natalie, what you just said describes the lost world of today’s religion perfectly well. You acknowledge there is great deception in the church and false conversation, and how many go to church because it’s what’s right or the proper thing to do, and how many are in need of a savior along with no one can come to the Father apart from Jesus; but what you have done in your words is write them all without understanding what you have written because the words are light, but you and all church people are in blind darkness because the father of lies who is the god of this world is so good at what he does which is to turn people from the truth without them ever even knowing or realization that they are in darkness and cannot see light or truth even when it’s placed right before them; and that is what God has called me to do which is to show His truth which gives all who He allows to read it the choice of night of day, truth or lies, His Spirit or the spirit of error.



What it means to be “Born Again” according to God and not man.


All that we can do is take life one day at a time with our only assurance being in Proverbs 8:17. Once we have that it's up to us in just how hard we are willing to run the race set before us. Most all who think they know religion will say “are you born again? What’s so sad and true is the fact there is a billion born again Christians who are in no way born again. . . .And that is because the father of lies is so good at what he does that he has deceived the whole world. And when you laugh at me for stating what is written, you’re laughing at God as if He is a joke and His words are funny.


To be born again can be seen as the starting of a birth that must grow and form before it can actually be born. Kind of like the start of a pregnancy. If there is no nourishment and improper intake, the embryo will improperly grow and therefore be improperly born on false strengths; whereas the embryo that is properly fed with full devotion will be born very strong and genuine.


The only way to properly nourish that embryo is by always looking only towards Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. And to look only to Him means just that as in wanting nothing more from life other than too duplicate His every way by always studying His words and doing only the things that He did with never adding different unwritten additions into our own lives while dismissing many things that He did because we feel that there is no need, or what Christ did and how He lived was only for the Jews, or just any invalid excuse that our minds can come up with because we are following mans false teachings rather than Christ for eternal life. 


In short so as not to write a thousand words, if you are of this world spiritually, you are not born again. If you’re not different as in actually following Christ in all of His ways, and I mean all, you are not born again. Do I have to write Deuteronomy 8:3, and Matthew 4:4, and Luke 4:4 again and again over and over without anyone getting the meaning that a child could understand? Is Sunday service written in what we are to live by? Are man’s holidays written in the words that we are to live by?  What you have done Natalie is the same thing that all in the world of deception have done. By what you have been taught, and by what all else do, you just can’t be wrong because the world of religion can’t be wrong . . .even though God says it is. And He says it very loud and very clear all throughout scripture. He also says;


“Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall. Proverbs 16:18


The reason that strait is the gate and narrow is the way that leadeth unto life and few there be that find it . . . is because people want to be like the majority of other people while feeling they can’t all be wrong, when in fact they have all chosen the ways of man led by the devil over the ways of Christ that their own minds tell them they follow, when in truth they ignore and make excuses on why not to fully follow which is exactly what you do and all religious people do. Easter coming is another pagan day just as Christmas, yet your own mind and hundreds of millions of others will honor what can so easily be proved as completely false.


And you’re final words were;


and no one can come to the Father apart from Jesus.


Do you have any idea according to God what you just said? So can just anyone come to the Father through Jesus Christ? Why did Christ speak in parables?  Because unto His disciples understanding was given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but unto the multitudes listening to His words in parables did not understand. That is because at this time prior to the kingdom of God, it is only God that can bring people that He has chosen by their heart to Christ. Read John 6:37,39,44,65 and see who is placing who and where.


The church in the Bible is referring to the way the churches in the kingdom of God will be with one accord and no confusion; and need I list the uncountable religions of today worldwide that are nothing but confusion?


I have also written so very much on our hearts that God sees and the value of the love that we have within. Because no matter how intelligent we may be with scriptures, and no matter how strong our faith may be to the point of moving mountains, if we have not charity, (love) we are as nothing. 1 Corinthians 13:2


Yesterday I had to go to a loan shark and borrow $10 at 20% interest just for survival. Our camping stove is about to run out of propane gas, and the cost of that is about 560 peso or $11 dollars. This is how my life has been for three years with the love of so very many brethren that only judge me or just whatever makes them all feel comfortable over helping in any way. I just take all things in life just as Paul. His hard times that He wrote of in 2 Corinthians 11:24-27 was the thorn in his side which was the buffeting of Satan that God allowed or could have stopped. So with my life fully devoted to God as it is, I just take what comes while never questioning Him; because I know that He will touch hearts and either keep me in just survival or move me according to His will and not my own.



If you are going to fill this christian site with examples of people who are not happy with the church, and how the church has failed them, and how the "breathren" have not shown the love of Christ when they need it, then I hope those who go to church, who do not look to their fellow man nor elevate them, but look to Christ, those of us who have been blessed by the body of Christ, will share there testimonies of what the Lord had done in their lives within the body of Christ. Every one I have ever met who talks down the church and calls every one hypocrites, usually have been decieved themselves to think they are righteous and the others are not. Not one that I have talked with speaks of their salvation nor gives a testimony of when they were lost in sin and were found and saved. and then I find out later after talking with them, that they are living in fornication, are refusing to follow the scriptures, so they leave the church and use the church as an excuse to not repent. They all point to people who fail, not to God who does not. My prayer to anyone reading this blog is that they will share their testimony of Gods mercy and grace within the body of Christ.



Most all who go to church are quite happy and led by a false spirit. And none look to Christ and follow His ways over the ways of man. And with that, the deceived such as you will be the ones to speak most about the love of Christ and looking to only Him while having no genuine love beyond false words for others while at the same time following Christ according to words while leaving His examples as dust in the wind.


And with that just a very few meanings of the words repent are listed below, yet very few follow their meaning because they are only born again in words and not the Spirit of God.




To repent is to have an intimate relationship with our Almighty GOD.

To repent is to become a union with GOD, a “union as one”

To repent is by association and companionship with God.

To repent is to strive to live by every word of GOD.

To repent is to love your neighbor as yourself.

To repent is to try with all of your heart to follow the examples of Jesus Christ.

To repent is to have understanding of who you are, and why you exist.

To repent is to have faith in God, regardless of your life’s circumstances.

To repent is never to judge others.

To repent is to have a very deep true hunger and thirst for understanding of God.

To repent is study to show you’re self approved by God.

To repent is to pray without ceasing;

To repent is to meditate on God, His ways, His laws, His government, and His love.

To repent is to feel the needs of others worldwide in you’re prayers to God.

To repent is to come to realize that without Him, you are nothing.

To repent is to understand why the world is as it is.

To repent is to understand why all of the great sufferings are about to strike every human being on this planet called Earth.

To repent is to understand “Thy Kingdom Come, Thy will be done.

To repent is to believe God, and not trust in the false teachings of man.

To repent is to know that you will suffer some very hard times just as Job and Paul did.

To repent is not to put you’re self above others.

To repent is to acknowledge Him in all of your ways, so that He will direct your paths.

To repent is to know that you have repented for God who is always on your mind, and in your heart because you know that He is God, compared to yourself that is nothing but a microscopic grasshopper in a world of darkness.





what is your point here? we know this will happen, we know the scripture will unfold, sooner or later this will need to happen, the anti christ will need to come out and play his part. Christians need to be mindful of this not fearful. we are living in the end times and more so need to be able to answer those who ask of our hope. We have hope while the world does not. we do not live by fear or in fear or dread for what we know will happen. yes the world system is corrupt, but we who know the grace of the Lord Jesus have hope and they in darkness will see that hope and marvel at it, and be compelled to ask about it, and we will show mercy and speak of the saving grace of God. This is exciting times in deed!



All those who take part within the false churches of today need only be warned that they all will find themselves within the great tribulation while seeing more horrors, stench, dead bodies, tortures, cannibalism and just every worst living nightmare so bad that you’re own minds can even begin to comprehend. God tells you all through scripture about the false churches of today. He even tells you that you are Laodicean! And with His love He even tells you to come out of her in Revelation 18:4!  Who was God talking to through the words of Paul when telling you all who go to church that Satan’s ministers are transformed into the ministers of righteousness? Who was God talking to through the gospel of Mark that the teachings of the doctrines of man will make the word of God of none effect in your lives? Who is 1 John 4 directed at? All of you who go to the churches that Satan controls because your own minds have chosen to follow him and not Christ!! Merry Christmas my Lord. Lets have a happy new year and look forward to our unwritten colored bunny egg hunt, and our valentines day celebration along with every other one of my own holidays that you know nothing of because I prefer them over your worthless feasts that I know nothing of even though you shed the blood for all of the sacrifices in them. Because you love me so much I can live by the ways of man and now follow you.


Lamentations is for you today, and so is the worst horrors of prophecy that is going to blindside Natalie and all who choose man and Satan over following Christ beyond the lips that Isaiah warns you all of in 27:11 and 29:13 along with verses all through the Bible Old and New that tear false churches all to pieces. Either remain blind like Natalie, or read what God says in belief rather than all of the lies of man and false teachers in sheep’s clothing that are the blind leading the blind into the ditches of death. 








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