About My Grandmother At 103


My uncle born in June 1928 was a ships cook in the Navy during WWII. He remembers the name of Mariveles Philippines well because his ship was near there and I have been in the Philippines for the past three years. Prior to leaving America I spent some time in July 2006 with my grandmother in Kentucky who is my uncles’ mother. In March she will be 103. In our last conversation I asked her what it was like in the great depression, and she just said. . .


Well, we never had anything so really never gave it much thought. With her age and dementia her memory has gotten so short term that she forgets pretty much very quickly, or so I have heard from her son of 82 years, plus my uncle Bill has an older brother named Ken that’s 84. To have your mom around when your that old to me is a real trip. So me at 54 is just still a baby.


There is a picture of my grandmother Pauline in my profile taken on January 27th.

She still plays bingo and just lets someone keep tabs on her card. In my whole life of remembrances of grandma, she never smoked, cussed, drank or even got mad. She was just a very extraordinary woman. She never drove until after my grandpa died in the early 70’s, so in her 60’s she got a drivers license in Fredonia Kansas.  There are still Callarmans in Altoona Kansas with a milk farm who are relatives with some others here and there in the USA


It was my uncle Steve and his wide who took grandma in about a decade ago. They lived in Naperville Illinois, retired and moved to Kentucky. It was only within this past year that she was put in a local old folks home where she can be helped as needed, but is still visited regularly by her youngest son Steve who is 63 and MaryAnn his wife who went out of her way for a decade to take care of grandma, and to me that really something good to do for the elderly rather than just putting them away in some rip off place and not seeing them any more.


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Jan 28, 2010