"love To Read"

I cannot go to sleep each night unless i have a book to read and i always have one. The very first book i remember reading and falling in love with was "Robinson Crusoe" I read it over and over cause it was the only book i had at the time. Today at age 70 i have a complete set of Stephen Kings hard covers. Just finished Dan Brown's The Lost Image after reading The Davinchi code and Angels and Demons. I have so many favorite authors but my memory is not so good anymore

VioletchTS VioletchTS
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3 Responses Feb 9, 2010

I can't fall asleep without reading each night! :D

Ooo...I'm jealous of you; a complete set of Stephen King's hardbacks? I've recently discovered the joy of hardback books. There's just something...enchanting about them.

This is pretty cool.