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I Do, But I Dont

I was thinking about it today and I came to the conclusion that i do not really like reading, I just like learning. I am constantly reading articles or interesting facts on any subject and I love it. I sometimes have a hard time focusing on actually reading the words, but I can always read part and come back later to finish the rest. Reading something and finding out all new information is just too good. I got like 5 apps on my iPhone that are all e-reading programs that have all different free books (or books you can buy). I have always wanted to read Charles Darwin's Origin of Species and I do not want to carry around a book or print off a PDF and carry tons of pages, but now if i feel like reading I can just take out my phone and read as much as I want. Finally I am reading the book and find it even more interesting than I thought it would be.

boby6 boby6 26-30, M 1 Response Feb 11, 2010

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I only love reading some things. I read lots, but much of it is to learn things that I need for work. When I get to reading for pleasure, science fiction, fantasy, and historical fiction are the things I love with erotica, mysteries, philosophy, and some modern writers thrown in sometimes.