Mind An Introduction By John Searle

I had Prof. Searle for a class and I didn't pay attention, so I regret not learning much. So I borrowed his book/my text book from the library the other to read it. Then I remember why I didn't pay attention...

It's just dry like other textbooks. Why can't he make the subject more fun? I certainly had more fun reading the course description, which made me want to take the class. I mean, it could be a really fun subject, and the questions he poses!

 I read "Philosophy Rocks" once and that was a wonderful intro to philosphy. It was an awesome book.

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2 Responses Feb 12, 2010

Teaching it not that hard, inspiring people takes a heck of a special person.<br />
<br />
I forgot who said it but I always try to keep it in mind: good teachers explain, superior teachers demonstrate, great teachers inspire.

Many professors forget they were students once ...<br />
Dry knowledge is not palatable meal to the learners ...<br />
We always need smart illustrations ..<br />
We love applied stories to consolidate the scientific facts..<br />
and nothing more encouraging like funny comments with proper timing and interaction ..<br />
Learning process always been fun to me,but thanks to those talented professors..