Yep, I Was That Kid!

Remember the kid with her nose always in a book unless she was writing in her journal? You know, the one for whom the librarians stopped limiting maximum books; I could check my books out on my own special sheet and be seen trudging home from the library carrying a big paper bag full of books, which I would return fully read and exchange within a week? Yep, that was me!

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4 Responses Feb 13, 2010

Shadow, sorry for long delay in reply. I love how you remember your mom & her love of your love of books. Mine as well -- both parents. God bless them; I pray I do as well.

one of my fondest memories was my mother surprising me with a book that she bought me. thanks to great teachers who read in funny voices, my mother who didn't complain a nary word as she trudged behind me to all the library book sales and my imagination, i had a great childhood.

Argh! I just wrote you this long, involved, wonderful reply and LOST the WHOLE thing. Grrr. Ok. Typing on iPhone = zero joy. Short version of previously brilliant answer is: dowhat works for you. Find books on topics kids love featuring characters in whom they can disappear. I still don't read some books on my shelf, but will re-read for the umpteenth time old favorites. My 9 year old could read at age 4, but went through long, frustrating time of avoiding books like the plague. LOVED the computer, though. I finally found series like "Dinosaur Cove", "How to Train Your Dragon", and even "Dinotopia" -- he loves dinos & dragons, and needed characters with whom he could identify. After all, I loved mysteries as a kid and consumed NancyDrew, Cherry Ames, Vicki Starr, Trixie Belden -- but I couldn't care less about the Hardy Boys. Our kids are the same. I also had to change with the times. I prefer physical books, but this is the Digital Age. That means ebooks, dinosaur websites,, ... Reading is reading. I got myself some ebooks, too, to change with & understand the times. We'll probably get a Nook soon. But I still prefer books.

lucky you...<br />
but how we can make our kids do the same now...<br />
how can a book compete against TV shows<br />
have you any ideas..