I Can't Stop Buying Books.

i used to tell my wife all the time,"Don't buy that book, you can get it in the library for free".

Now I go the the bookstore several times a week and spend (for me) big bucks on books.

 I am currently reading

  • The Sacred Bones - fiction. a good story, too much on the coattails of the DaVinci Code

  • The How of Happiness - this is a VERY IMPORTANT book for me - it is helping me to build a new life

  • Meditations on Living, Dying and Loss - an interesting intro to the Tibetan Book of the Dead

  • Almonds to Zhoof - clever/wise but dry dry dry

  • Way of the peaceful warrior - I think this may be a sham

  • Girls Like us - about Carole King, Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon - special for me since I was growing up in those crazy wonderful days

Mostly I read in bed at night. My eyes follow the words while my mind goes who knows where, and the next day I don't know what I read. Like every book I have read in the last 6 months, clearly I will have to read these a 2nd time.

Still, reading is one of the most important activities in my life.

mergelayers mergelayers
51-55, M
Feb 24, 2010