If It Has Words, I'll Read It...

Every since I was a little girl I have loved to read.  My mom goes to the grocery store and she would always lose me, but she knew where I was...the magazine/book aisle.  In middle school I had two other girlfriends and you knew it was us because all you saw was the top rims of our glasses peeking over our books.  We were called the 3 Bookerneers.  We were soo cool!  My love of reading led me to write short stories and when I was in the fourth grade I won a 2nd place prize in a writing contest.  In high school, I wrote short stories and in college was asked to publish my work.  I got chicken and turned the opportunity down, but now that I'm back in college and after these past few years..I got so much I want to say and I got my "passion back", to write.  I don't think I would have rediscovered this gift if it were not for my first love:Reading!!  I try to get this paper everyday that comes out (for free) in my city, but its getting kinda hard to since alot of people are taking them up on their offer.  These past few days, I've been finding myself back at the library and I find myself lost in a book or magazine.  My goal is when I buy my house is to have a personal library in my home so I can always be surrounded by knowledge, laughter, and things that just make you think.   Maybe one day I will even be on the shelf.  Cheers. 

lilyiam07 lilyiam07
31-35, F
Feb 24, 2010