What Man Has Done To Each Other And This Planet Earth.

It’s all simply in we are who we are. Some love great populations and cities while others don’t. I myself by human nature have just always loved the country, mountains, lakes, rivers, forest and just anything to do with the peace and beauties of God's creations that still appear untouched and ruined by the hand of man that has destroyed the air, water, soil, oceans, lakes, and wildlife to the point of a floating plastic junk yard twice the size of Texas in the Pacific that can be seen along with another junk yard under the water that can't be seen that is nothing but every kind of waste known to man that releases toxins to cause sickly fish along with nuclear waste that have produced radioactive lobster. Yet with all of our damages being done; and with all of our modern technology as prophesied; very few can see the end of America growing near with the world to follow just as God said it would be. And amen to that because with the destruction of this planet by man along with all his greed, murders, rapes, ***********, sexual child abuse, mental child abuse, physical child abuse, tortures, wars and just every kind of mental sickness from a to z; to see the end of man ruling man has finally reached its times of the end to make way for the kingdom of God that will bring the ways of God for all to dwell within for all of eternity. But what people don't know or understand is how the bad news must come before the good which is tribulation, death, suffering, waste and desolation. And it’s all because of human blindness regarding the truths of God that is not taught or even believed. The only pure truth that can come to you directly must come only from God; because those who believe genuinely are themselves the church body with Christ as the head and director, and not some high dollar building called a den of thieves that take the leadership from Christ while preaching lies, half truths, twisted doctrines of man and collecting money for their own greedy bellies and life style that God is going to punish them all for; because what they teach will cause your own bloodshed. Only when the uncountable bodies of death are lying in the streets, cannibalism is everywhere, and even God hears not the cries of suffering; only then will all come to know that their reward has come for ever trusting in man rather than trusting only in God. I am not one of those soul savers out to change and save the world, I am but a man of truth with eighteen years of God being my only teacher. John 15:18-19 and Ezekiel chapter two are a good description of who I am and why I am not liked. Yet I still care because Ephesians 3:19 is but another description.

The sad and bad times are now at hand. Welcome to the New World Order that's about to blindside millions in ways of death they never knew; and all because they refuse the truths of reality as written by the hand of man that was inspired by the Holy Spirit of God.

Read the 16 verses in Psalms 91, and the 17 verses in Ezekiel chapter 5. Then make your own choice of where you want to be; because time is short.
timesoftrouble timesoftrouble
61-65, M
Feb 25, 2010