What A Way To Pass The Day..

I enjoy reading novels of all kinds.  I am not so picky about the genre, more about the details of the storyline, who the author is and the types of characters inhabiting the book. I can find myself completely lost in the world of the book in my hands.  I Picture in my mind the characters, the scenery, and the adventures. I become so engrossed that I only hear the words I read, and the noise surrounding me seems to fade away.  I refer to it as reading deafness, because I can’t seem to hear anyone talking to me, as I bury myself in the words. The only thing I seem to be aware of is when my glasses slip a little down the bridge of my nose, and I push them back up again, or the feel of the pages between my fingers with each turn.

As I make my way through the story, the people seem to become a part of me, and I struggle to put the book down, urging my eyes on further to discover more. When I finally get to the last word on the final page, I take a deep breath as though only just remembering that I need to breathe.  Closing the book feels like the end to a week of exploring, and I place it onto the book shelf, its creased spine and slightly curled cover, the only tell tale signs of the adventures we had. I press it firmly against all the other books I have collected, running my fingers down the spines of them all, remembering the hidden secrets contained within.

So the search to find that one book begins again, the book that calls to me, to be read and start a new written journey.

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1 Response Feb 27, 2010

I can imagine you touching all your books :) I'm guessing that that is what you do in bookshops too, especially if you recognise a book that you have read before or one that you would consider reading. You are right, it would be funny to watch you shopping ;)