Books Saved My Life

As a kid I was an avid reader and an omnivore.  Before I entered high school I was fascinated by Greek mythology and I found at that early age a lifelong hero and reference, Ulysses.

At one point, in my very last year there was a renewed threat of a catastrophe at school.  In the very first weeks the scenario of four years earlier was in the making.  My weekly reports plunged again into red and something needed to be done to save my future.  Then I took a bet from two of my friends that I wouldn't have more than three red reports for the rest of the year.  They had every reason to think that they would win, but they lost. 

My trick was: reading.  I read in every class, all day long and when I looked up, I saw the teachers looking at me with disbelief.  Little did they know that I was just reading some books during class, the page carefully hidden among many other papers.  My points soared and after all these years I finally got some respect. 

Books saved my life.  If that last year had been the disaster it normally would have been, my entire life would have been destroyed.

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2 Responses Mar 1, 2010

oh, thank you, strange. good idea to prove them wrong with their expectations!

That's amazing. I love proving people wrong when they think they can predict my actions. I hate stereotypes! You overcame yours, good for you!