Jeremiah’s Words Of Great Importance For You Today That Will Have The Greatest Meanings That You Will Ever Read; And That's A Promise With God Almighty As My Witness.

Jeremiah’s words of great importance for you today that will have the greatest meanings that you will ever read; and that's a promise with God Almighty as my witness.


Its only when you can see God trillions of years ago as being the same God who is with you now while fully knowing your every though and action including the intent of your heart; and with that you know without question that He is also trillions of years into the future while still being exactly the same God whom has no beginning nor has an end because eternity has no bounds no matter which direction you choose.


So when He said these words to Jeremiah;


“Before I formed you in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.” Jeremiah 1:5


It’s because God has always been; therefore He also knew me and you and the whole human race also before they were even born; and God also knew who was His to be used for special purposes and granted eternal life as predestinated. I am a good example because I never knew God, church or religion and had no upbringing in any religious ways whatsoever; but when it was time for a beginning 18 years ago it was God that came to me and put an interest in my mind towards Him while never having much trust in man. In the very beginning I was introduced to some darkness within a couple of churches and some individuals never to return; yet stay with God by absorbing His words in the Bible over about fifteen years prior to coming to the Philippines for God’s teaching, chastisement, molding and shaping for His use. So never think that God is not all knowing about everything and every individual because I have been chosen for a purpose that He is now revealing to me very strongly. And that purpose is His truth that shepherds doesn’t teach that involves the lives of hundreds of millions of people. 


God and I have our own relationship with love; Proverbs 8:17, and my great and unwavering faith that pleases Him while always seeking Him as silver and searching for Him as hidden treasures which shall bring me great rewards for all of eternity.      Hebrews 11:6 


Therefore I am not here writing by accident which is all that I do 24 hours of each day because when not at the keyboard God has me typing in my mind; and not in the Philippines by accident because God cannot train one caught-up in confusion with the darkness of this world in a great nation so I was transplanted 39 months ago; and my wife Mylene who was very faith filled when we met, eighteen years younger and was still a virgin at 34 was no accident either. The fact is that my life is in the perfect order of God’s will for His purposes that have no error because He has given me the needed strength and inner peace to accept my way of life and deal with the evils generated from church people and the people of this world full of either silence or negatives with cruel words due to the blindness of reality and the words of God that tell all as it was, is, and shall be; and God’s words are my flow of blood that keeps me alive because that’s all that I have for life.


Today there are also great majorities that live only by the New Testament in disobedient blindness by not only forsaking God’s words to them in the Old Testament but not even following Christ beyond words without heart in the New Testament. Matthew 15:8-9


In verse 5 God plainly tells that Jeremiah was sanctified and ordained a prophet unto the nations; yet with his many scriptures that tear down shepherds or pastors and backsliders, they will just ignore all and say they were only for the Jews of history when God is directing His words precisely towards them as they continue to deceive their flocks that will cause their uncountable deaths in ways so horrible they also are ignored with no understanding while being for all who are so blind they can’t see.  


Then the words of God that follow in verse 10 saying;


“See, I have this day set thee over the nations and over the kingdoms, to root out, and to pull down, and to destroy, and to throw down, to build and to plant.


What that verse says is just exactly as you read with verse one before it. Jeremiah is not a prince or a king to perform those actions written, but as a prophet over them, to prophesy things concerning them, whether good or evil, which should certainly come to pass as he predicted: to root out, and to pull down, and to destroy, and to throw down;


A tree planted is as a great nation with great roots that shall be rooted out, pulled down and destroyed and thrown down into waste and desolation as Gods way of disposing of all its evils within which is a human race within the greatest single nation that has ever been that was a gift from God through a promise made to Abram in Genesis 12:2 with the buildings of man called churches that are completely rebellious against God through full disobedience while hiding behind their lips full of hypocrisy with no roots and no trust from God for righteousness because church means called out ones who by being the active body of Christ do only as the Head leads with the mind of Christ because our Head is Christ to follow and duplicate in actions.


What you must now plant very deeply within your heart and mind with more extreme firmness than anything ever before in your life is what I am about to tell you that most all just don’t see or know or understand either because it has not been taught or there has been no search or God just has not wanted you to know until now. Are you ready for today’s breaking news that’s not reported?


God never lies and God always keeps His promises; and when He fulfills what He promised, He also makes conditions that must be met to keep all that He has given you as the house of Israel with the birthright blessing to become the greatest single nation on planet earth.


When you read the first fourteen of the sixty eight verses in Deuteronomy chapter 28 you will become educated on just who we as the United States of America once were. However because God made conditions on that great blessing that we as a nation never kept such as obeying the ten commandments and just hearing His voice through walking with Him as His chosen and peculiar people to be an example for the wold world to want to follow to be just like us as the greatest nation in the world full of happiness, joy, good health and prosperous living with love all around and just everything as in smooth and perfect. . . .But!!!! we as a nation with a kept promise from the Almighty have never heard God or obeyed God; and for that He has been taking away His blessings for the past sixty years.


Ready for some good education? Now read verses fifteen through twenty while using your own intelligence to view America and God’s curses and your eyes will begin to open up to where we are at as the beginning of sorrows. Read the following 54 verses and keep your eyes wide open with your heart digesting the way it is and what’s in route and will arrive. When you are finished turn the pages and go to Leviticus chapter 26. Read all forty six verses and strengthen your education on reality according to God and not man. 


God has placed me and put me into a position just to see and witness first hand that the love and mind of Christ is completely absent within all the Laodicean churches of the world today that are filled with deception and blind leaders that are leading their flocks right into the great tribulation with graphic horrors that will break your heart all to pieces.


To build and to plant is in giving knowledge to build repentance and obedience for an eternal planting within the kingdom of God with righteousness towards His laws that have been sewn in their hearts. Only those who become obedient only to God can gain His love for safety and protection during the great tribulation that grows closer each moment. There are the firstfruits that I will do a separate writing on in much depth with scripture for understanding because the firstfruits and what I am going to teac many are two separate groups of individuals because it will be the firstfruits in the first resurrection because they will reign with Christ as part of the government of God on His shoulders. Isaiah 9:6.


The purpose of my calling is to give instruction on the words of God for obedience and the required faith along with the most important ingredient which is going to be your key factor on whether you live or whether you die; and it’s called your heart which is a subject that you can find numerable of my writings on. In fact every one will have something about the heart in many great ways that you must now learn.


There is going to be over six hundred million who are left alive on planet earth who will enter into the kingdom of God right here on earth after Satan has been removed as God of this world as the prince and the power of the air who fills minds with everything that goes against God, and with Him gone for the thousand years people will become teachable and obedient to God’s laws based on the Ten Commandments.


“And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh;

Joel 2:28


Much more education is needed for all, so for now I will just say that most all are being led by the spirit of error supplied from the god of this world that leads all into disobedience. 2 Corinthians 4:4, Ephesians 2:2, 1 John 4:4


And that is because the only ones that have the Spirit of God are those who God has drawn or sent to Jesus Christ to become firstfruits which gives only them the true Spirit of God verses the natural man that takes everything I say as foolishness.1 Corinthians 2:14


Now what’s very important is this. God also gives His true spirit to those with intents in their hearts that please Him. In other words you may not be qualified for a position within the government of God, yet you have the love and character wanted by God to live a life in the flesh with His Spirit as your lead, so perhaps you will become a ruler over ten cities.


It’s late and I spent a good 15 hours writing and am worn out. There is so much more that I will just end this as the beginning of Jeremiah because God wants me to spend very much time in his two books for you to see where your at and where your going to be if you don’t awake quickly.


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