Its Just How I Am.

I like to reflect on everything, that sometimes it may seem I see too much from what is really there. I don't do it on purpose, most of the time it starts with a thought and then it ends up into a long paragraph. I do not do it to sound deep or intelligent. Its just the way I am.

When something happens to me, and I start thinking about it, I end up connecting or relating the experience to another experience or even an insight. Its how I cope with what I experience everyday. If I simply looked at it, its nothing special or interesting. But after I reflect on it, even the most mundane and common experiences becomes a lesson learned.
FadedShadows FadedShadows
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1 Response Aug 14, 2007

exactly just the way you said...I reflect on things too and a single experience really becomes deeper when I think about it...I see things suddenly in different perspectives