Hot Tub Story For Billbraskey

You mentioned a dream about driving through Arizona. There is a swing club in Phx that used to have a hot tub. Well all of the clubs there had them, but this particular one had to be closed at one point because of plumbing problems. However, while it was still being used, I used to spend a lot of time in it. The rule was no clothing in the tub, so everyone got nude. Guys never had a problem getting naked, and most girls didn't either, although a few would hold a towel over themselves while they slipped into the water. A lot of action took place in the water. My first experience in that tub, was a number of years ago, I don't remember how many were there, but it was several. The ones I remember specifically were a tall couple, a single guy, and another woman with two guys and myself. The lady with the two guys had to be an oral addict. I saw her there several times over the course of months, and she was always sucking on someone. The guy that I think was her husband, loved to let someone else be with her because she wore him out. This time while we were there she brought both of the guys that were with her, and the other single guy and I both jerked off. The tall couple had been playing and watching us, and then she climbed on him and began to **** him. Her feet reached back for some support and I held her feet in place with mine as she rode him, and I jerked off again. I really don't remember what the others were doing at that moment, but I know there were some sighs and moans around the tub, so the two or three of us that came about the same time were not alone, at least I don't think so. That experience really wet my appetite for the hot tub, and I enjoyed spending play time there.
arizonabeast arizonabeast
61-65, M
May 14, 2012