Hot Tub Fun

My wife and I took the day off and went to our local nudist resort.When we got their there was only one guy and my wife noticed him right away because it looked like he worked out very musular.My wife whispered to me lets see if he follows us to the hot tub and about 5 minutes later he got in and sat next to my wife and we all three started to chat.I am not sure why but I said to the guy if you like my wife could rub suntan lotion onto your back.He said I would love that and my wife started to rub lotion all over his back and his butt.He then said that it was her turn so she let him rub the lotion all over her back and her butt.He sat beside my wife and had his hand on her back but then started to rub her butt.My wife then started to touch and rub his leg under the water.She the got a little bolder and started to stroke his **** under the water he then stood up and my wife was amazed at how large his **** and balls were and told him how she was getting wet looking at him and then asked me what she should do.I said lets get in the swimming pool.I think he was amazed because my wife just finished getting a full brazillian laser hair removal and was comepletly bald very smmoth skin.My wife gives him a nude underwater hug and takes his **** and rubbs it onto her.She tells the guy lets take a shower together and the she jacks him off onto her breasts while I watch.I am conflicted because i was very turned on but jealous a the same time but it made my wife very happy and when we got home the sex was off the charts.
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Amazing story. Got to try that!
Nudist UK couple.

Do it again

Sounds like a good time to me!

Nothing to be jealous about here - if she is happy, you definitely will be happy!

so hotttttttttt
plsssss add me too!!

Nothing to be jealous about, she is still there for you.

Great story. We have a similar story

Sounds great to me. No harm was done and there were three happy people.

Great story, very exciteing. I think you mustn't feel jelouse, just enjoy your turning on.

My wife always goes nude in hot tub--I love showing her. Pls add me

What a hot little ****!

Your wife sounds amazing! Wish I lived near you.

Your wife is amazingly hot! You guys are perfect together.
love the waxed *******!

She just sounds like so much fun, so much energy and so daring!!

wow love that story , true and would of gave me a massive hard on !

The jealousy is understandable, but it sure sounds like you got some fun out of it too!!

you are a hot couple and enjoying what you like. it is very hot to watch wife or gf getting hot and making hot moves and making other people crazy for her. it bcoz hot wife is liked by us and we are in love with them so we want to make her happy and enjoy her hotness. enjoying sex with wife in this manner is also enjoyable and one should enjoy this. yu should not get jealous as your wife will be more in love with you rather you both will be more in love with each other.