1st 3some Vacation

my 1st mfm threeway vacation was last summer
my husband and i had our friend go with us and 1st night they pushed me into the womens sauna and hubby ate my ***** whilei blew my lover after a woman walked in onnus we went to the room to finish with great sex

night 2 were in the hot tub and no one was around so i jacked both of them off while the fingered my ***** ! omg

night three our last night they got me drunk very drunk and yes my suit came off and yes they both ****** me and one lucky man just watched
slownsteady110 slownsteady110
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6 Responses Jan 8, 2013

lucky guys

Turned on. Hot

Come Vacation in Orlando Florida we can get a Disney Hotel

fun activities, love it

Deliciously ****-worthy

Very hot experience. Sounds like it was fun. Glad y'all finally got to some good ******* on night three. Great story.

oh i got ******* every night! still do on friday night as well!

That's fantastic! Keep up the good "O's". lol. I like the shirt in the profile pic, too. Would love it if you added me. Have a good "Friday"