My Research On Behavours

hi, i have not gotten far on this subject, but i have been researching behavours and what can cause them. i like to get into debates with other people to find out what makes people tick and what does not. here is the data i received from my experiences...


1. a person you curse-out is more likly to curse you out as well.

2. the more questions you ask, even if the person is not clear, the more likly it is for people to believe you are dumb, and to curse you out.

3. a person who starts out putting you down will not stop putting you down even after the debate is over.

4. a person will not believe you if you say something about yourself, but do not type in the way they expect.

5. the chances of having a reasonable debate online is almost none.

6. boys are more likly than girls to cut you down and curse at you.

7. if you flatter a person, they are more likly to listen to you.

8. people will more likly listen to you if you use larger words, make no spelling errors, and don't use slang.

9. less people are likly to believe you if you say you have a masters or a PhD

10. argueing against a personal opinion is pointless, it will get the debaters nowhere.

11. anyone who wants to analyse debates have to be ready for A LOT of criticism.


a few facts that i learned. if you need a name for citation purposes, use "Julie C"

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1 Response Feb 27, 2010

I have a couple to add to your list. You cannot argue with a person who does not have the ability to reason. Examples of the types of people are drunks, mind melted drug addicts and the mentally insane. Another one is, if you are in a conversation with another person and are truly listening to what they have to say and showing it by asking clarifying questions, they are likely to think you are highly intelligent.