It's All In The Mind, Stupid!

Once upon a time a young guru and his disciple were passing through the forest. Both of them were celibate monks. They came across a river where a young girl was taking bath. As they went their way, they heard a scream for help. The girl was caught in a whirl and was asking for help. Without a thought, the young guru plunged into the water, rescued her, brought her ashore, gave her some first aid and revived her. They then went their way.

An hour passed and as they were reaching the city, the disciple could not control his anxiety.
'Oh Master, there is a question that has been troubling me for the past one hour. May I ask ?'.
'Go on', said the Guru.
'You, the one who has vowed for celibacy, how can you carry a nude young girl, is that not a breach ?'.

The guru smiled.
'I did my duty and dropped her there. You have been carrying her all along since'.
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Dec 3, 2012