The Help

This movie was so well done, I was very impressed. I was a bit worried about how the story would play out before seeing the film. I knew it was based on the slave's point of view on their own lives. This movie was based on a book which intrigued me because I always hope they do a great job telling a story as well as the book. I never read the book though, even though I wanted to and still plan to. This movie is very well done not only with the storyline but the direction and the characters.

It really tugs at your heart strings and gives you a really good look into what African Americans went through during those times. I was glad to see that it was not all negatives on "whites" though, I am glad that they showed that not everyone was close minded in those days. Even though that is a bit obvious considering Emma Stone's character is the one who wanted to write the book in the first place.

I laughed and I cried but in a good way, it was a cry of understanding and feeling what those characters were feeling.

My boyfriend even loved that film and was very impressed with how it was done. He had gotten upset about 20 minutes in and wanted to shut it off but was glad we finished it. I think EVERYONE should watch The Help and open your mind up to the history.
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I will it's look like amazing story ... Thanks